Ruote Borrani wheels


Borrani has a unique relationship with many famous car manufacturers such as the outstanding marques of Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Ferrari. These relationships span a pre and post-war heritage. Today, there are only four surviving brands that are still active, which can freely relate to this relation, these being Pirelli, Michelin, Borrani and indirectly, Shell.

The Classic Ruote Borrani wire wheels have various advantages and unique selling points which distinguishes them from other wire wheels.

Originality: Ruote Borrani Milano are OEM supplier of wire wheels for many other famous carmakers like Ferrari, Maserati etc.

Strength: forged components, polished or painted alloy wheel rims with steel spokes.

Lightness: Borrani wheels are approximately 25% less the weight of steel wire wheels.

Quality: hand made in Italy to the highest standards. Every car type has one or more specific wheel designs.

Looks: polished alloy or painted, which gives more of a quality look than steel wire wheels.

Delivery: Borrani wheels are bespoke manufactured with a lead time of approximately 6 weeks.

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Ruote Borrani Milano