Wheel Turbo Sport R1-257 Bimetal

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Borrani made a new disc wheel range named ‘CABO’ (generated from Borrani’s founders’ initials) during the early post-war years, aimed at special and one-off vehicles. These wheels were presented with, or without, the centre-lock system, a light alloy rim and five slim ‘windows’ for brake cooling. In 1955 CABO wheels were revised with 10 ‘Turbo’ style windows in a classic oval shape. The Turbo wheels were offered as standard with steel rim, Sport with light alloy rim and Sprint with light alloy rim and centre-lock system.

The R1-257 was designed during this transitional period. The original drawings from the archive are dated 17th September 1954 with the design labelled as the ‘CABO series RD3099’. The following year, the wheel was re-named to coincide with the release of the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta. In 1956 the “Turbo Sport” wheel was priced at 12,000 Lire compared to the 7,000 Lire for a standard steel wheel.


Alfa Romeo Giulietta on wheels Turbo Sport R1-257 Bimetal

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Bimetal wheel

The Borrani Turbo Sport R1-257 wheel, designed to fit the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and all models of Alfa Romeo Giulia generally known as ‘Bimetal’, is available once more. This genuine Borrani re-release is being manufactured using our original drawings, offering to every Giulietta enthusiast a sporty and elegant alternative to the standard steel disc wheel.
The bolt-on R1-257 4.50”x15” Turbo Sport uses the original Alfa Romeo hub cap while the Turbo Sprint series uses the Rudge centre-lock system, being held on by a 2 or 3 eared spinner. Borrani offers a full conversion kit to allow the fitment of centre-lock wheels to cars currently using bolt-on wheels. The Turbo wheel is supplied as standard with a light alloy rim and a silver painted centre but is also available, upon request, with a 5” or 5.50” wide rim and custom colours.

The Borrani Bimetal wheel, as well as being used on custom and sporting Alfa Romeo Giuliettas, gives a stylish touch to all cars with its highly polished light alloy rim.

Wheel Turbo Sport R1-257 Bimetal on Pirelli Cinturato CA67 155HR15
Wheel Turbo Sport Bimetal on Pirelli Cinturato CA67 155R15
Wheel Turbo Sport Bimetal on Cinturato CA67 155 HR 15

R1-257 BIMETAL on Cinturato CA67 155 HR 15