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Classic & Vintage Tyres


This Borrani web site offers vintage and classic tyres from the worlds best tyre manufacturers. Tyres that Borrani would have been fitting in period. Throughout the hay days of Borrani in the 50's and 60's the majority of their excellent wheels would have left Milano to be fitted with vintage tyres like the Pirelli CinturatoMichelin XDunlop SP Sport Aquajet and Michelin XWX  that can be shipped world wide at remarkably reasonable prices.


This web site also offers selected tyres that have been developed more recently for use on rare vintage and classic cars such as Avon CR6ZZ and Michelins Pilote X.


Vintage Car Tyres


When it comes to finding tyres for your venerable old car, it is critical to select a tyre of the appropriate carcase structure and design that will flatter the handling and appearance of your vintage car. The choice of select tyres offered on this site can be found from the links to Michelin, Avon, Dunlop & Pirelli. However probably the best way to find the best choice of vintage tyre is to enter your car into the drop down lists at the top of the page where we will show you the tyres we recommend for your vintage car. (or ring 00 44 1302 711123)


 Modern car tyres will not help the handling of a vintage car. Period tyre is designed to work hand in  hand with the geometry of an old car; where as more modern tyres are developed to enhance the handling of very different vehicular design. which will numb the handling and take away the progressive handling while at the same time make the steering of a vintage or classic car heavy and less predictable.