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Classic Car Tyre Inner Tube

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Inner Tubes for Classic Sports Cars

It is worth noting that back in the day when wire wheels were common place, all sports cars fitted inner tubes. And all wire wheels needed inner tubes. Our inner tube search system will offer you a high quality Michelin inner tube, often reinforced and of exceptional quality covered in a crystalline French chalk coating on the inner tube that will lubricate the tube against the inside of the carcass of your classic car.

Inner tubeless wire wheels

There are wire wheels manufactured today that claim to be tubeless. However a wire wheel is designed to be fitted with inner tubes. No classic car was made with wire wheels that is suited to a tyre with a lower profile than 70%. All tyres with a profile of 70% profile (such as a 205/70R15) and taller (such as a 195/75R14 or 185R15) are perfectly suited to fitting with inner tubes, even if it says “tubeless” on the side of the tyre. That simply means it can be run without an inner tube assuming the wheel is suited to being run tubeless, which a wire wheel isn’t. We strongly suggest fitting inner tubes in wire wheels even it is described as a tubeless wire wheel.