Borrani Spinners

Borrani wheel spinners

The wheel spinners supplied by Borrani for their wire wheels are of the highest quality.

Borrani Wheels Spinners

There are a wide range of wheel spinners available. To maintain originality of cars that fitted Ruote Borrani wire wheels it is important to find the right wheel spinners.
Contact 01302714072 or [email protected] for help choosing the right spinners for your wheels.

Borrani knock off spinners

Spinners are also called "Knock offs". They come in 2 different shapes. 3-ear knock offs and 2 ear knock offs.

Borrani Wire Wheels Spinners

Borrani wire wheels are generally made to for 3 different sizes of Rudge Whitworth splined hubs 32mm, 42mm and 52mm

Evolution of the Borrani Spinner