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Borrani Spinners

Borrani Knock Off Spinners

Borrani "Vintage" (convex) spinners were standard fit to vehicles until 1960 when the more commonly seen concave style spinners were introduced.

The convex spinners were discontinued in 1962. For more information on the history of the Borrani Spinners follow the link to our Evolution of the Boranni Spinner page or scroll to the bottom of the page.

Ruote Borrani wheel spinners can be used on all wheels that use the Rudge Whitworth centre lock system. This includes certain models of Ferrari that have Cromadora alloy centre lock wheels.


Borrani 32mm Spinners

Borrani 42mm Spinners

Borrani 52mm Spinners

Ferrari 32mm Spinners

Ferrari 42mm Spinners

Daytona Spinners

Borrani wheel spinners

The wheel spinners supplied by Borrani for their wire wheels are of the highest quality.

Borrani Wheels Spinners

There are a wide range of wheel spinners available. To maintain originality of cars that fitted Ruote Borrani wire wheels it is important to find the right wheel spinners.
Contact 01302714072 or for help choosing the right spinners for your wheels.

Borrani knock off spinners

Spinners are also called "Knock offs". They come in 2 different shapes. 3-ear knock offs and 2 ear knock offs.

Borrani Wire Wheels Spinners

Borrani wire wheels are generally made to for 3 different sizes of Rudge Whitworth splined hubs 32mm, 42mm and 52mm

Evolution of the Borrani Spinner