Avon Tires

Avon are historic tire company, that was founded in 1885. They were making pneumatic tires as early 1890. Avon currently continue to make a few sizes for classic cars.

Cross Ply Avon Tires

Within the Avon Tires classic range Avon make some of the best crossply tires available for post war classic cars. Avon still make their HM Tourist, a great quality comfortable tire that offers a good level of grip for more sedate cars of the 1940s and 1950s. Tires like the 4.50-17 HM Tourist are perfect for little cars such as a Morris 8 or a Ford Pop, and the 5.25-16 Avon Tourist for cars like the Austin A40 or a Singer Roadster.

More Excitingly Avon also still make the Avon TurboSpeed. In the 1960's on cars where customers didn't want to spen the extra money to have a radial Pirelli Cinturato Aston Martin would often fit the 6.00H16 Avon TurboSpeed to the early Aston Martin DB4, and the later DB4, DB5 and series 1 DB6 would fit 6.70V15 Avon TurboSpeed crossply tires. The current Avon Turbo Speed range also includes some 8.20H15 Crossply tires for the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud.

Avon Classic Radial Tires

The Avon TurboSteel is a mainstay of Avon's classic radial tire range. It includes a 6.70V16 for the MK6 and R-Type Bentley and the 235/70VR15 CR11B is also available with a white band for the series 2 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. Avon also make a 7.50R16 Rangemaster for early Land Rover.

Road Race Avon Tires

Avon make an exceptional range of road race tires, the Avon CR6ZZ. Over the tires the dimensions of tires that are common place on cars changes, and the Avon CR6ZZ range of road race radial classic tires fills the gap with tall side wall tires that fit on 13", 14" and most importantly a wide range of 15" tires. The Avon CR6ZZ range are generally V rated and have a crcass structure that is suited to classic cars, and a tread pattern that is suited to very powerful cars on the track, while still ticking the right boxes to make it road legal.