Ferrari 250 GT California Wheels

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Ferrari 250 GT California Borrani Wheels
  • The series 1 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder with the Long Wheel Base fitted Borrani RW3264 Wheels 5.5”X16”.
  • The series 2 Short Wheel Base 250GT California Spyder fitted 5.5” wide RW3526 or 6” wide RW3687, both 16” diameter Borrani wheels.
  • Some of the Ferrari 250 GT California Spiders fitted 5.5” wide 400mm diameter Ruote Borrani RW3598 wheels.

250GT California Spider Tires

  • The Standard original Cross ply tire for the 250GT California Spider was 6.00-16 Pirelli Stella Bianca.
  • The 400mm RW3598 wheel fitted 175HR400 Pirelli Cinturato CA67.
  • Pirelli developed the Cinturato radial tire in 1952. So for a 16” radial then 185VR16 Cinturato was fitted by Ferrari.
  • Wire wheels need inner tubes, we would fit the Michelin 16 F RET in a Ferrari 250 GT California Spider wheel and tire set up.
Ferrari 250GT California Spider Tires
Ferrari California Wheels and Tires