Michelin 16F Offset Valve Reinforced Inner Tube

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Michelin 16F Offset Valve Reinforced Inner Tube
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Rim Tape for Wire Wheel 14" - 17"
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600 - 16 inner tube

Michelins 16 F RET is the perfect inner tube for 6.00 X 16 tyres. Early Land Rovers ran 600X16 Avon Traction Mileage and we also offer a budget 600 X 16 Land Rover tyres. However when fitting 6.00-16 tyres on an off road vehicle the reinforced rubber of Michelin 16F RET really makes all the difference. This obviously applies to Jeep, which also fit 600-16 NDT tyres.

The tyre size 600V16 was also fitted to the performance cars of the ‘50s such as Aston Martin DB2/4, Jaguar XK, Ferrari 250, Maserati & Bristol fitted 6.00V16 tyres. Currently Pirelli make a V rated Stella Bianca 600 V 16 which is perfect for these ‘50s sports cars. Avon also make a 600 H 16 Turbo Speed with the lower H speed rating. The 16F RET inner tube is perfect for these ‘50s performance cars.

The 16 F RET is also perfect for the crossply tyres 6.50 – 16, 6.70 – 16, 7.00 – 16 right up to 7.50 - 16.

185 R 16 inner tubes

By the ‘50s radial tyre technology started to take over and many of the super cars that fitted cross ply 6.00 V16 tyre now fit radial tyres of the size 185R16, and cars like Maserati 3500GT fitted 185VR16 tyres as standard. Also the Aston Martin DB4 that fitted crossply would fit 185 VR 16 Pirelli Cinturato as their radial option. Without doubt we recommend the 16 F RET Michelin inner tube as perfect fitment for a 185 HR 16.

If you have a Bentley R Type or MK6 or a Jaguar MK7, MK8 or MK9 cars fitted with the 6.70 VR 16 Avon Turbosteel we would suggest using the 16 F RET inner tube.

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Make Michelin Tube
Weight of innertube 2.3 Kgs
Valve exits wheel rim Offset
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