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Jaguar E-Type Wheels

Jaguar XKE Wheels

Jaguar XKE is the American Name for The British Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar XKE Jaguar Tires

Jaguar XKE Innertubes

  • When a car is fitted with wire wheels then innertubes must also be fitted. The ideal innertube for the XKE on all of the tires mentioned above is the Michelin 15F innertube.

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    RW 3585 Jaguar E Type Wheels

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  4. RW 4012 Jaguar E Type Wheels

  5. RW4012/1 Jaguar E Type Wheels

6 Items

“Jaguar initially fitted Cross ply tires 640H15 RS5 to the e-type, However we would recommend fitting radial 185VR15 CINTURATO ™; tires to the series 1 & 2 e-type, because the Pirelli Cinturato is one of the best classic tiresavailable which  offers fantastic progressive handling because of it’s period carcass design and excellent grip from it’s modern compounds. The other best option for an E-type Jaguar would be Michelin 185VR15 XVS as it will make these ‘60s cars perform better at cruising speeds on modern dual carriageways and motorways. 

For the V12 series 3 XKE Jaguar with power steering we would recommend the 205/70VR15 CINTURATO ™; tires.“. Also the 205/70V R15 Michelin XWX is an excellent option for the Jag V12 XKE.