Ferrari 250 GT Boano Wheels

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Ferrari 250 GT Boano Wire Wheels

Ferrari 250 GT Boano Tires

  • As standard the 250 GT Boano fitted 6.00V16 Pirelli Stella Bianca.
  • If you want a Crossply the Stella Bianca is by far the best tire for a 250GT Boano.
  • If you asked for radial tyres on a Ferrari 250GT Boano in period, they would have fitted a 185VR16 Pirelli Cinturato CA67.
  • We would suggest the Cinturato CA67 is still the best radial tyres for these sports cars of the 1950s, because they suit the chassis.
  • Another good option if originality is not so important is the a 6.00WR16 Michelin Pilot X. A high performance radial tyre that looks like a crossply.
  • Wire wheels such as the RW3264 Borrani need inner tubes. We suggest the Michelin 16 F RET for either 6.00-16 crossply or 185VR16 radial.

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    RW3264 Ferrari 250 GT Boano Wheels

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