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Michelin brought out the XAS in 1965. When the XAS came out it was the first Asymmetric radial tyre.
The XAS tyre was designed by Michelin with an asymmetric tread and casing in order to provide the optimum in behaviour at high speed- It has a radiali casing with a unique disposition of steel cord plies providing tread brasing - Michelin's XAS gives straight line stability and cornering precision of the highest order- The XAs also provides exceptional comfort which allows cars fitted with XAS to be driven at high speeds with a minimum of driver fatigue- 

Michelin XAS Tyres

  • Suitable for fitment to high performance classic cars capable of speeds up to 130 mph (210 Km/h)
  • The Michelin XAS is the first asymmetric radiali tyre
  • Asymmetric tread and carcase design gives exceptional stability and road holding at high speed
  • Comfort of the highest order