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The Classic Michelin X tyre. the worlds first Radial tyre


Michelin X

The X tyre has a supple radiali carcase with steel racing plies esigned to give the Michelin X a very high level of comfort and control on all surfaces, while at the same time offering low rolling resistance which in turn improves the fuel consumption and gives the Michelin X it's legendary tread life-

Michelin X Tyres

  • Fitment to cars having a speed capability up to 113 mph- (180 km/h)
  • Increasing tread life-
  • Very supple casing-
  • Excellent grip in all conditions-
  • Reduces fuel consumption

radiali X

It was in 1946 when Michelin patented the first radiali tyre; the Michelin X- Michelin had been working on radiali tyre technology throughout the war, but it was after the Nazi's had left that they patented the ne X radiali tyre technology- The radiali Michelin X was offered as an option on cars such as the Traction Avante- It wasn't until 1952 when the Michelin X radiali tyre was fitted as standard equipment to the Lancia Aurelia