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Michelin X:

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19 Items

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Michelin X: Design

The X tire has a supple radial carcass with steel bracing plies designed to give the Michelin X a very high level of comfort, control, and grip on all surfaces and in all conditions, this is the perfect tire for cars capable of speeds of up to 113 mph (180 km/h). The Michelin X also offers low rolling resistance which in turn reduces fuel consumption and gives the Michelin X it's legendary tread life. The Michelin X is arguably the most well known tire due to it's technological innovation that converted the world to radial tires. This tire is perfect for the Citroen Traction Avant, Volkswagen Beetle, and the Lancia Aurelia in their respective sizes.

History of the Michelin X: The first radial tire

It was in 1946 when Michelin patented the first radial tire, before it was called the X. Under development during the second world war, Michelin tested the tire on the Citroen Traction Avant. The radial tire had a more sophisticated carcass design, which led to longer lifespan, far better grip, and eliminated the wandering off that occured at cruising speeds. In the 1950's radial tires were slowly becoming the predominant tire style throughout europe, In 1952 the Michelin X radial tire was first used as orginal equipment on the Lancia Aurelia.

History of the Michelin X: The radial tire takeover

In 1955 and onwards the majority of European car manufacturers had switched to radial tire technology, fitting cars from the Volkswagen Beetle to the Ac Ace. In 1966 Michelin partnered with Sears to produce radial tires under the Allstate Brand, trying to take advantage of the United States' use of the outdated bias-ply tire. In 1968, Michelin had opened their first North American sales office, by this time Michelin's radial tire technology had kicked off a huge decline in all their competitor's tire technology. This same year the Michelin ZX was released as the continuation to the Michelin X. Following their success, in the States, in 1970 Michelin had acquired a contract for The Ford Motor Company, who produced the Lincoln Continental Mark III, the first American made vehicle to fit Michelin Radial tires, kicking off the American conversion to radial tires. The global switch to radial tires all boils down to the success and the quality of the Michelin X.