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Michelin Super Confort Stop S: Design & History

Michelin with it's Confort Cord tires had worked on developing crossply tyres that could run at lower pressures than the vintage beaded edge tires. The Super Confort (or Superconfort) that Michelin developed in 1932 gave the ability to run tires at a pressure as low as 22psi (1-5 bar). This lower pressure improved the longevity and comfort of the tire as the tire's name suggests.

Michelins next major innovation they implemented to these tyres came in 1935 with the thin zig zag cuts in the tires tread pattern. These are called sipes, they act by channelling heat into small "corrals" that let air flow between them, creating a natural heat dispersion and cooling the tire. They dramatically improved the performance of the tires in the wet.

At Borrani we suggest that while running Michelins Super Confort Stop tires to run at a pressure closer to 30 psi (2 bar) because the modern tarmac roads that we drive on today allow for higher speeds to be maintained for longer than was possible back in the vintage days.


Michelins development of the Superconfort tire was a new technology. As a way of trying not to allow their new technology from being mixed up with the standard wheels that people were fitting in the period, Michelin made the Bibendum rim which was millimetric. Today all the Michelin SCSS (Super Confort Stop S) vintage tyres are manufactured for fitment to 40cm/400mm rims- You cannot fit a 40cm tyre onto an 16" rim any more than you can fit a 16" tyre onto a 400mm rim.