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Dunlop Racing R1 Tires - Tony Brooks Frazer Nash Le Mans 1954

Tony Brooks Frazer Nash Le Mans 1954 on Dunlop Racing R1 Tires

Dunlop Racing R1 Tires

The Dunlop Racing R1 tire was developed in 1946. Dunlop R1 tires are commented on by Duncan Hamilton in his famous book “Touch wood” as making an amazing difference to the handling of the C-Type Jaguar. The Dunlop R1 Racing tire continued its career through the D-Type Jag until 1958 when Dunlop developed the R5. Initially the Dunlop Racing R1 was developed to be run mainly on 16” wheels, as was the norm with the leading race car manufacturers of the day such as Ferrari, Jaguar and Frazer Nash. However, at the same time throughout the 1940s and 1950s some of the pre war cars such as ERA and Maserati were still competitive, and, as a result, the Dunlop Racing R1 was made in the pre war sizes such as the 5.50/6.00 x 18 R1 Dunlop Racing, 7.00 x 18 R1 Dunlop Racing and 7.00 x 19 R1 Dunlop Racing.

3 Items

3 Items

Ferrari 166 Barchetta Tires - Dunlop Racing R1

Ferrari 166 Barchetta on Dunlop Racing R1 Tires

Back in the pre-war and early post-war racing days there was less distinction between racing car and road car, so the R1 racing tires produced today by Dunlop are road legal, as are the other pre-war Dunlop Racing 5-Stud tires.

D-Type Jaguar Tires - Dunlop R1 Racing

Dunlop Racing R1 Tires on a D-Type Jaguar.