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    RW2977 Ferrari 500 Mondial Wheels

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500 Mondial wheels

In 1954 Ferrari developed the 500 Mondial (Tipo 501chassis) known as a Series 1 500 Mondial, using RW2977, 4.5”x16” front wheels and RW3019, 5.5”x16” rear wheels.

In 1955 the car was extensively revised and is known as the Series 2 (using the Tipo 510 chassis), the 8 (or 9!) Series 2 cars all used the RW3102, 5.0”x16” wheel all round.

There was no official original fitment for these cars from the factory, we know some fitted Pirelli vintage tires and some used Englebert tires and according to the factory build sheets some were even fitted with used tires!

Ferrari 500 Mondial Tires

The 550x16 Dunlop Racing R5 and 600x16 Dunlop Racing R5 Tires will be best for your 500 Mondial if you are racing. We can also offer the 600V16 Pirelli Stella Bianca and hope to soon have a 550x16 tire to match.

You may wish to fit the 185VR16 Pirelli Cinturato radial tire all round on your Ferrari 500 Mondial, but we would advise checking clearance on the front of the car first.