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18 Items

Dunlop CR65 the Dunlop Racing CR65 tread pattern is a very famous tread pattern- The DR65 tread pattern is so evocative that people use the CR65 as a design for watch straps and belts- the Dunlop Racing CR 65 is the mainstay tread pattern for the Dunlop Racing range of L section and M section tyres-

Dunlop Racing L section For some time now Dunlop have offered the full range of Classic racing tyres, of which the L section classic racing tyres are a mainstay- L section 204 compound Dunlop Racing tyres are not road legal-

Dunlop Racing M section The M section tyres are a wider section again than the L section tyres and are also non road legal and also made in the 204 compound that Dunlop uses for it's historic racing range-