Michelin 14F Offset Valve Inner Tube

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Michelin 14F Offset Valve Inner Tube
£38.40 £32.00
Rim Tape for Wire Wheel 14" - 17"
£4.80 £4.00
Pack of 5 Classic Valve Caps
£4.20 £3.50
Pack of 5 Classic Car Tyre Valve Collars
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Michelin 14F Michelin Offset Valve Tube
This Michelin Inner tube fits: Find tyres in this size: Budget Alternative – We strongly recommend Michelin inner tubes
185/70x14 Search for 185/70x14 175/185x14" Offset Valve Tube
185 x 14 Search for 185x14 175/185x14" Offset Valve Tube
195/70 x 14 Search for 195/70x14 175/185x14" Offset Valve Tube
195/75 x 14 Search for 195/75x14 195/205x14" Offset Valve Tube
205/70 x 14 Search for 205/70x14 195/205x14" Offset Valve Tube
695 x 14 Search for 695x14 195/205x14" Offset Valve Tube
More Information
Make Michelin Tube
Weight of innertube 0.9 Kgs
Valve exits wheel rim Offset
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