Pirelli Stelvio

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Pirelli Stelvio:

Pirelli Stelvio: Design

The Pirelli Stelvio was launched at the dawn of the fifties as a tire that was a fusion of the innovation in tire materials of the time while staying true to the design of the Stella Bianca to bring the best of the past and present to bring the Stelvio into production. The Stelvio is also the tire that saw the innovation of synthetic fibres being used for the first time with the nylon version that kicked off the transition to more tires across manufacturers using synthetic fibres, namely the development of "N+R", being a carcass composed of nylon and rayon that came about in the early 60's.

Pirelli Stelvio: Ferrari

The Stelvio marked a big step in the way tire designs would be developed, as the Stelvio came about as the first major example of a modern partnership between a car manufacturer and a tire manufacturer. Ferrari and Pirelli collaborated to make the Stelvio for the Ferrari 250 GTO, this allowed the tire to fit the specifications of the Ferrari 250 GTO perfectly, and allows for optimum performance for the legendary car. These tires were reproduced and dubbed the Stelvio Corsa for the GTO's Anniversary with the original designs from the 50's, combining period design, with modern technology.