PIRELLI P6000 Tires on a Porsche 914

Porsche 914 on PIRELLI P6000 Tires

PIRELLI P6000 Tires

The PIRELLI P6000, introduced in 1995, is a sports car tire that also found popularity among saloons and coupes of the 90s. With its distinctive "New Wave" tread pattern, the P6000 delivers excellent driving comfort, improved traction on wet surfaces, reduced noise levels, and enhanced safety through efficient water expulsion. Its W speed rating and Porsche's 'N' homologation further demonstrate its capability for high performance and compatibility with classic Porsche models.

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PIRELLI P6000 Design

The Pirelli P6000 features a "New Wave" tread pattern that refers to the continuous central groove that is accompanied by the elliptical water clearing channels that run across the tread pattern. These features combined allow for the efficient expulsion of water from the contact area, highly reducing the chance of aquaplaning. The P6000 provides excellent driving comfort, improved traction in the wet, reduced noise levels, and improved handling all the way up to their W speed rating.

PIRELLI P6000 Cars

Tire Size Relevant Cars
185/70 WR 15 Pirelli P6000 N Austin Healey 100, 3000, Maserati Merak, MGC, Porsche 356, 911, 914, 924, 944, 911 SC, 912, Carrera, Triumph TR4, TR5, TR6, TVR Griffith, Volvo Amazon, 164, P1800

Tire Size Relevant Cars
215/60 R 15 Pirelli P6000 N Porsche 911, 914, 944, 911 SC, 928, Carrera