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    Classic P-Zero Asimmetrico

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Pirelli P-Zero Asimmetrico

Lamborghini Countach Pirelli Poster

Pirelli P-Zero Asimmetrico: Design

The Pirelli P-Zero Asimmetrico is named after it's asymmetrical tire design that increases safety and provides incredible grip in straights and in corners, both in the wet and in the dry. These tires are Z speed rated.

Pirelli P-Zero Asimmetrico: The Ferrari F40

The tire was produced in 1986 for the Ferrari F40 due to the F40 having an additional 80 Bhp than the 288 GTO did, meaning that Chief Engineer Nicola Materazzi had to contact Pirelli to build a custom tire that would suit the F40 needs. The P-Zero Asimmetrico was designed featuring a carcass made with light materials like Kevlar and the asymmetrical tread pattern it is named after. These combined with the experience gained with the Lancia Rally cars and the formula 1 season of the early to mid 80's led to the specially made, perfect tire for the F40.

Pirelli P-Zero Asimmetrico: Fitment

The 335/35 ZR 17 Pirelli P-Zero Asimmetrico fits the aforementioned Ferrari F40's rear perfectly and is to be combined with a 245/40 R17 Pirelli P-Zero Asimmetrico on the front. The 255/50 YR 16 Pirelli P-Zero Asimmetrico fits Ferrari models such as the Testarossa (with 16in wheels fitted), 512TR, and 512M as a rear tire to be fitted alongside a Countach was released equipped with a 225/50 ZR 15 Pirelli Asimmetrico on the front, and a 345/35 ZR 15 Pirelli P-Zero Asimmetrico on the rear.