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Michelin XZX:

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7 Items

Michelin XZX Tires: Design

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The Michelin XZX was the successor to the ZX in 1976, as the next iteration in the Michelin X radial tire line. The XZX is a testament to Michelin's tradition of improvement through research and development, with the XZX being designed to improve upon issues in harsh weather conditions.

  • The steel braced carcass of the XZX is designed to absorb the bumps of the roads, provide excellent levels of comfort and keep noise levels low. The XZX has an SR speed rating for fitment to classic cars that are capable of speeds up to 113 mph (180 km/h)

  • The phenomenal tread design allows for amazing adhesion, especially in the wet, due to the XZX's very efficient water dispersal due to it's two large circumferential grooves, also reducing the chance of aquaplaning. The XZX also provides brilliant traction, with numerous sipes providing excellent lateral grip on snowy and wet surfaces.

With these features combined, you have the best tire for a Saloon car such as a VW Beetle. With amazing build quality, the Michelin signature high standard tread life, the ability to handle almost any weather Mother Nature throws at it, and the exceptional comfort that comes with it, there really is no reason not to choose an XZX for your Saloon.