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Michelin XWX:.

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    Classic Michelin XWX

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Michelin XWX:

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Michelin XWX: Design

The design of the XWX is made to reach 300 km/h (186 mp/h), bringing these tires to the W speed rating. The myriad of special features in the XWX deliver an outstanding performance tire, merging Speed, Safety, and Comfort to form the best possible tire for a 70's Supercar. The strength of the internal construction combined with the flexible carcass give Supercars exceptional comfort when driving at very high speed.

Michelin XWX: History

Toward the end of the 60's Germany and Italy were the main manufacturers of cars that were increasingly exceeding the 200km/h (124 mph) U speed rating of the tires of the day with each new car that they were producing. They were also the leaders in developing European Motorways, and at this time there were not speed limits on these huge stretches of asphalt road, so those privileged enough to drive a Supercar at this time got to experience the peak of the performance of their supercar, going at incredible speeds down the Autobahn and Autostrade. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, and Maserati fitted these tires as original equipment, so be it a Muira, Daytona, or a Ghibli, the XWX will bring out the best of your supercar.