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The Classic XWX from Michelin is synonymous with ‘70s Supercars. The Michelin XWX came out in 1970.

Michelin XWX

The first Ferrari Daytona cars came fitted with XWX tyres though on the side wall of these tyres they are just described as Michelin X as they are part of Michelins range of radiali X tyres that took the world of motoring to  a new level- Michelins XWX gives remarkable performance in speed, road handling and safety- The XWX's construction and flexible carcase gave incredible confidence and comfort when traveling at very high speeds- Today most of the Michelin XWX tyres hold a W speed rating, meaning they are capable of maintaining 170 mph (270km/h) for one hour continuously-

XWX Tyres

In the 60's the introduction motorways, dual carriageways and autobahn's along with the introduction of super cars such as the Ferrai Daytona, Porsche 911, Lamborghini Muira and Maserati Ghibli meant that cars were capable of maintaining what was until then incredible- Michelin's XWX was up to the task of these opwen roads and fabulously powerful cars- The performance and capability of the Michelin XWX meant that when the first Lamborghin Countache came out the XWX was the only tyre capable of coping with the speed- So the countache fitted Michelin XWX tyres on 14" wheels untill the 80's-