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Michelins XDX came out in 1975. The XDX is a later development of Michelins earlier XWX

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  1. 205/70VR13 Michelin XDX
    205/70 VR 13 Michelin XDX

    Starting at $559.44 $466.20

  2. 185/70VR13 Michelin XDX
    185/70 R 13 Michelin XDX

    Starting at $20.16 $16.80

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Michelin XDX

Michelin's XDX radiali tyre has been specially designed to meet the requirements of cars capable of speeds in excess of 130mph (210km/h) but having a maximum in the order of 140mph (225 km/h)- It allows very high rates of acceleration and braking and makes a formidable contribution to general stability throughout the speed range-
The XDX was developed for fitment to powerful saloons-

Michelin XDX Tyres

  • V Speed rating up to 149 mph (240 kph)
  • XDX offers xcellent road holding and stability
  • Unusally good ride for a classic tyre with a V speed rating
  • Quiet running for a V rated classic tyre-
  • Low power absorbtion