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Michelin TRX tyres can only be fitted to special Michelin TRX millimetric wheels. You must not attempt to fit normal tyres onto TRX rims, and you cannot fit TRX tyres onto normal rims.

Michelin TRX

Michelins contribution to the development of performance tyres is is vast- the development of the TRX range of tyres pushed the barriers further forward- the ability to make a lower profile tyre while at the same time offering the ability to withstand incredible speeds was thanks to  the combination of the new TRX rim and the TRX carcase design that worked together to create a less complicated flex in the side wall of the tyre carcase therefore generating less heat- the extra low TRX tyres improved the directional stability of cars fitting the TRX millimetric wheel and tyre combination-

TRX Tyres

The TRX was an entirely new generation of radiali tyre with it's new squat profile- The Classic Michelin TRX are:
  • suitable for speeds in excess of 130mph (210km/h)
  • cool running
  • designed for sustained high speed performance
  • remarkable adhesion in  the wet or dry
  • exceptional steering response
  • high comfort level for a low profile tyre-