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Michelin TRX:

Michelin TRX tires can only be fitted to special Michelin TRX millimetric wheels. You must not attempt to fit normal tires onto TRX rims, and you cannot fit TRX tires onto normal rims.

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  1. 240/55VR415 Michelin TRX
    240/55R415 Michelin TRX

    Starting at £522.00 £435.00

  2. 240/55VR390 Michelin TRX
    240/55 R 390 Michelin TRX

    Starting at £494.40 £412.00

  3. 240/45ZR415 Michelin TRX GT
    240/45VR415 Michelin TRX GT

    Starting at £507.60 £423.00

  4. 220/55VR390 Michelin TRX
    220/55 WR 390 Michelin TRX

    Starting at £409.20 £341.00

  5. 220/55VR365 Michelin TRX
    220/55 VR 365 Michelin TRX

    Starting at £429.60 £358.00

  6. 280/45VR415 Michelin TRX
    210/55 VR 390 Michelin TRX

    Starting at £386.40 £322.00

  7. 200/60VR390 Michelin TRX
    200/60 VR 390 Michelin TRX

    Starting at £355.20 £296.00

  8. 190/65HR390 Michelin TRX
    190/65 HR 390 Michelin TRX

    Starting at £337.20 £281.00

  9. 190/55VR340 Michelin TRX
    190/55 VR 340 Michelin TRX

    Starting at £349.20 £291.00

10 Items

per page

Michelin TRX:

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Michelin TRX: Design

The Michelin TRX was a groundbreaking tire, produced in 1975, the first super low profile tire produced in conjunction with a specific set of rims. Both tire and rim are millimetric, and work together to form a perfect fusion of tire and rim, for the first time they both complemented each other perfectly, making an incredibly efficient combination. The Michelin TRX rim was designed with it's trademark lower and flatter flange, resulting in a gradual curvature of the casing, without the "5" shaped flex that occurred in prior, more traditional tire designs.

Because of this innovative new construction, the TRX tire offers better stability and safety due to it's exceptional handling capability close to the limit, especially when cornering. It's construction also featured a more even distribution of tension throughout the tire casing, which is where the tire's name TRX which stands for "Tension Repartie" comes from, and "Tension Repartie" in English means distributed tension. And of course the X on the end follows as Michelin's code for a Radial tire.

Other features include:

  • Incredible adhesion in all conditions
  • Responds exceptionally well to steering
  • Excellent comfort thanks to it's newly designed and improved flexing zone.
  • Heavily sculpted tread pattern that matches the look of the period.
  • Michelin TRX: History

    Released to the public in 1975, the tire fit in line with the 70's turn towards collective car safety awareness. As speed limits were introduced on roads and motorways and seatbelts became mandatory, the way tires would react was with improved grip, precise steering, and increased stability and comfort on the road to avoid driver fatigue on long journeys. Speaking of; long journeys were becoming much more popular as manufacturers were producing more high performance vehicles that were capable of covering hundreds of miles in one trip, with far more safety and comfort than seen in previous years. The BMW 7, 5, and 3 Series, Renault 30 and Citroen CX 2400 GTI were just a handful of amazing cars benefitting from the advancements of this tire.

    As far as racing is concerned, the TRX did an impeccable job. The TRX was used in Formula 1 with Renault and Alain Prost, and was also used in the World Rally Championship on the Audi Quattro, 205 Turbo, and R5 Turbo.