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Michelin TB5:

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5 Items

Michelin TB5: Design

The Michelin TB5s are E-marked, homolagated, road legal competition tires. Meaning they are tires made for competition, however they are legal for road use in the EU and the United Kingdom. In the 70's motor sport technology was evolving rapidly, along with practically every other form of technology. The TB5 series is compiled with two variations of the same tire. the TB5F and TB5R. The TB5F is a softer compound that is predominantly designed as a front set of tires, if you're doing sprints or hill climbs then fitting the TB5F front and rear is an option worth considering. The TB5R is the opposite, composed of a harder compound designed to withstand the heat build up created by a very powerful rear wheel drive car. The semi slick tread pattern is perfect in vintage car rallies, it is extremely hard to beat in dry, abrasive and highly demanding road conditions.