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These 2 Michelin SX MXX3 tyres are perfect fitment for classic Porsche. These SX MXX3 used to have the N2 homologation.

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  1. 245/45ZR16 Michelin SX MXX3
    245/45 R 16 Michelin SX MXX3

    Starting at $495.60 $413.00

  2. 205/55ZR16 Michelin SX MXX3
    205/55 ZR 16 Michelin SX MXX3

    Starting at $359.52 $299.60

2 Items

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Michelin SX MXX3

What can I say about Michelins innovative way of naming it's tyres- Michelin use the term X to determine that a tyre is a radiali tyre- However they seem to have got a bit carried away here-  SX is a description used by Michelin to denote superb cornering and braking ability- The MXX3 being a third generation of the MXX their Z rated ultra high performance tyres- However having broken down the name I still feel having 3 X's in the name SX MXX3 is taking it a bit too far-

SX MXX3 Porsche tyres

Though the designation in the name SX MXX3 is predominantly a Porsche fitment it is also an ideal tyre for other cars as the fitment guide below shows:
Equipment :ModelSizeTypeYearsAxleWheels
Porsche 911  964205/55 ZR 16Carrera 489-94FA6J16
"Carrera 290-94FA6J16
"Carrera RS92FA6J16
245/45 ZR 16Speedster93-94RA9J16
Porsche 911  993205/55 ZR 16Carrera94-98FA7J16
245/45 ZR 16 Carrera94-98RA9J16
Porsche 911 930(Turbo)205/55 ZR 16Turbo75-89FA7J16
245/45 ZR 16Turbo75-89RA9J16
Porsche 911 911 Carrera 205/55 ZR 16Turbo85-86FA7J16
Turbo Look245/45 ZR 16Turbo85-86RA9J16
Porsche 924924 Turbo205/55 ZR 16924 Turbo79-82FA/RA6J16
 "924 S86-88FA/RA6J16
924 S""""or 7J16
Porsche 944944205/55 ZR 1694482-86FA/RA7J16
205/55 ZR 16944 Turbo S87-91FA7J16
245/45 ZR 16""RA9J16
Porsche 928928 S4245/45 ZR 16S487-92RA8J
245/45 ZR 16 is also a possible fitment for :    
Alpine RenaultGTA /A 610 245/45 ZR 16 91-95RA9J16
MaseratiBiturbo Shamal245/45 ZR 16 92-94RA9J16
Nissan300 ZX245/45 ZR 16Turbo & Twin Turbo90-96RA8-5J16
245/45 ZR 16 can be a replacement solution for size 225/50 ZR 16, ETRTO approved, on wheels between
  between 7,5 to 9"