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Michelin MXV-P:

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Michelin MXV: Design

The Michelin MXV was launched in 1982. Its symmetrical tread pattern is designed to offer exceptional grip to sports vehicles. The MXV's tread pattern design expels the water in the tread on wet roads, which reduces the chance of aquaplaning drastically.

Another major feature of the Michelins MXV-P tires is that it has a nicely structured carcass which dramatically improves its directional stability at cruising speeds, which makes them perfect for many of the Mercedes cars of the 70's and the pre 1976 Triumph Stag.

The P in MXV-P stands for protection. The MXV-P tires currently made by Michelin include a raised heavy duty curbing rib on the outside side wall, to help protect your wheels or hubcaps from friction with the curb.