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The Michelin 185HR14 MXV-P is the perfect tyre for a Triumph Stag, or a claasic Mercedes. The MXV-P came out in 1982
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    185 HR 14 Michelin MXV-P

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Michelin MXV

The Michelin MXV launched in 1982- Its symmetric tread pattern is designed to offer exceptional grip to sports vehicles- The MXV tread pattern design encourages fast movement of water on wet roads, which reduces aquaplaning-

Another major feature of the Michelins MXV-P tires is that it has a nicely structured carcase which dramatically improves it’s directional stability at cruising speeds, which makes them perfect for many of the Mercedes cars of the  70’s

The in MXV-P stands for protection- The MXV-P tires currently made by Michelin include a raised heavy duty kirbing rib on the outside side wall, to help protect your wheels from friction with the kirb-