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Double Rivet


Michelin DR

From approximately 1924 Michelin were making tyres in the vintage tread pattern Double Rivet (DR)- This tyre is the mainstay of the Michelin crossply tyre range- When Michelin started making wired on crossply tyres in the vintage early 20's; they made DR (Double Rivet) tyres for Bibendum rims- A Bibendum rim is metric not imperial so they are either 40cm, 45cm or 50cm- The other difference with the Bibendum vintage wheel rim compared to imperial wheel rims is:- the well only goes half way round the rim, and they are generally central valve- We are fortunate Michelin still make a range of 45cm tyres, as this keeps a range of European pre war cars on the road that would otherwise have to change their wheels-

Double Rivet

Michelin's DR crossply vintage tyre is actually called a Double Rivet- DR is simply an abreviation for Double Rivet- The DR also has Confort Cord, Comfort Cable and Confort Bibendum written on the side wall, just to keep us on our toes-