Long Central Valve Inner Tube 440-550x21

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Long Central Valve Inner Tube 440-550x21
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Michelin 20/21CD RET Offset Valve Inner Tube
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Rim Band for Wire Wheel 18" - 21"
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Pack of 5 Classic Valve Caps
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Pack of 5 Classic Car Tyre Valve Collars
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Ford Model A Inner Tubes

This is the perfect inner tube for early Model A Ford, it is a small section central valve inner tube ideally suited for a 440X21 which was the OE size for a 1928 & 1929 Ford Model A.

The last few years of the Model T Ford Also fitted 440X21 tyres as well where again this would be the ideal inner tube.

We would suggest that for these cars the Lucas 440X21 is an excellent option.

This Michelin Inner tube fits: Find tyres in this size:
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450/475 x 21 Search for 450/475x21
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Make Non-branded
Weight of innertube 1.1 Kgs
Valve exits wheel rim Central
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