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Bentley S3 Tires

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Bentley Series 3 Wheels

  • Borrani makes the RW 3821 Borrani Wheels 6.00"x15" for use with standard Bentley tires. This is a a transform kit wheel, owners will need to buy the transform kit to change their car from bolt on wheels to knock on wheels.

Bentley Series 3 Tires

  • The original Bentley S1, S2, and S3 models were equipped with crossply tires, primarily the 820 H 15 Dunlop Fort WH4. However, this model is no longer in production. Instead, the 820 H 15 Avon Turbospeed is recommended as the ideal crossply tire.
  • For those preferring white wall crossply tires, the 8.20 x 15 General Whitewall is a suitable option.
  • Many owners opt for radial tires on these vehicles. In such cases, the 235/75R15 Nexen 18mm Whitewall is an excellent choice.
  • The recommended crossply tire pressures for the Bentley S series are 24 psi at the front and 29 psi at the rear. For radial tires, it's advisable to use 34 psi at the front and 38 psi at the rear.
  • As these cars lack a safety rib on the wheel, innertubes are required, even if you fit tubeless radial tires.
  • The Michelin 15/17H innertube is the most compatible option for these tires.

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    RW 3821 Bentley S3 Wheels

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