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Pilot X

The 600WR16 Michelin Pilote X is the highest specification tyre in it’s size. Michelin only make the Pilote X in one size.
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    6.00 R 16 Michelin Pilote X

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Michelin Pilote X

Michelin developed their 600WR16 Pilote X to be the all singing, all dancing, highest performance tyre available- It became apparent to Michelin that many of the classic sports cars of the 50's were capable of incredible speeds when compared to the capabilities of the tyres at the time- these classic cars when now driven on modern roads would be able to maintain these high speeds; so the Pilote X was developed

Englebert Tyres

In the 40's and 50's Englebert were the racing tyres of choice for manufacturers such as Maserati with their 250F, Lancia with the D50 and many of the Ferrari's of the day would race on Englebert tyres- At the end of the last century Michelin reintroduced the range of Englebert racing tyres which have since been discontinued- However The 600WR16 Pilote X looks very reminiscent of the Englebert racing  tyre-