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    Classic CINTURATO ™ P5

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Pirelli Cinturato P5

Pirelli Cinturato P5: Design

In 1977 Jaguar and Pirelli collaborated to make a tire that perfectly complemented Jaguar's Sedans. The result of the collaboration was a tire that fit the specifications of Jaguar cars perfectly. The P5 offers peak performance for your classic Jaguar, with luxurious comfort, amazing grip in all conditions, and an extremely quiet ride, as well as a W speed rating just to round off the incredible features that this car gives to a Jaguar. The Pirelli Cinturato P5 was officially homologated in the sizes 205/70 WR 15 on the Jaguar Models XJ6, XJ12, and XJS, later accompanied by the homologation of the 225/65 R15 for the XJ40.