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The Michelin XVS-P is an XVS asymmetric tyre with a reinforced curbing band. This 185HR15 XVS-P is the perfect tyre for a later Citroen DS.
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    185 HR 15 Michelin XVS-P

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Michelin XVS-P

The Michelin XVS-P has all the advantages of the asymmetric XVS Michelin- However the P in XVS-P indicates that this tyre has a raised curbing band on the outside- The Michelin XVS-P tyres are still speed rated up to 130 mph-

Michelin XVS-P tyre

There are presently only 2 tyres in the Michelin XVS-P design- However the 235/70HR15  XVS-P is a remarkable tyre that when fitted to a Rolls Royce of the 70\'s and 80\'s will dramatically improve the handling of these cars- The improved directional stability offered by the asymmetric XVS-P really suits these cars-