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Michelin X M+S:

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    Classic Michelin X M+S

  1. 135SR15 Michelin X M+S
    135 SR 15 Michelin X M+S

    Starting at £147.60 £123.00

  2. 205 R 16 Michelin X M+S
    205 R 16 Michelin X M+S

    Starting at £184.80 £154.00

2 Items

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Michelin X M+S: Design

The X M+S is the Michelin X's winter & off-road variant. The tread is further adapted for mud and snow hence the name M + S. The tread also comes with holes for fitting snow studs.

There are two sizes of these that Michelin still produce, the 135 SR 15 which are best suited as off road and winter tires for a Citroen 2CV or Mehari. the 205 R 16 is used on a variety of classic 4x4s such as a Mercedes-Benz G Class, Land Rover Defender 90 or 110, and a Toyota Hilux to name a few.