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Michelin TB15:

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4 Items

Michelin TB15: Design

Classic rally car owners can rejoice, the Michelin TB15 has been revived to bring back the most versatile classic rally car tire used in the period. These tires are not recommended for the race track, but, on tarmac stage rallies, these tires are second to none in quality. They are also E-marked and road legal in this modern revival of the tire. The TB15 is the intermediate tire in Michelin's TB range, which also includes PB20, full wets and TB5 F & TB5 R as a semi-slick. The tire can function as a brilliant race alternative for cars in some of the more abstract OEM tire sizes such as the 175/60 VR13 Michelin TB15 providing a brilliant racing alternative tire for a Ford Escort or a Triumph Dolomite Sprint.