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The following article on classic Maserati tires was published in issue 5 of the Alfieri magazine. We hope it will be a useful article for people considering which tires will be best fitted to their Borrani wheels to make their classic Maserati handle at its best.

Worth noting that the world of classic Maserati tires is very well catered for currently. In the majority of cases original Maserati tires are still produced by Michelin and Pirelli. We would encourage users to stick with the original equipment, as the best road tires for a classic Maserati. These tires are made to modern quality control standards, using modern materials and compounds, making for better grip, particularly in the wet. However most importantly these period tires are built to work in conjunction with the wheels, steering and suspension set up, that together makes the geometry your classic chassis. A classic tire carcass is critical. It means that the improved compounds of the tread are presented to the road in a manner that suits the geometry of your steering and suspension, and will make your classic Maserati handle at its best.

Maserati Tires Article in Alfieri Magazine