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Alfa Giulia Wheels

The Alfa Romeo Giulia did not originally fit wire wheels, However, Borrani offers a transforming kit to attach to the hub of your Giulia so Borrani wire wheels can be fitted in either 14” or 15”.

Borrani has again produced the period Bi-Metal wheels that were fitted to some of the top models and offered as an option in period for these cars. They come in 2 different types Bolt-on Turbo Sport & Centre-lock Turbo Sprint to fit the centre-lock Turbo Sprint wheels you will also need the special transform kit to modify your hubs to take this special system.

The transform kit to fit the Turbo Sprint Bi-Metal wheels is not the same as the Transform kit offered for the fitment of wire wheels.

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    RB1-257 Borrani Bimetal Bolt on Wheel 4.5"x15" Alfa Romeo Giulia Wheels

  1. RB1-546 Borrani Bimetal Wheel 4.5"x15" Alfa Romeo Giulia Wheels

  2. RW 4084 Alfa Romeo Giulia Wheels

  3. RW 4554 Alfa Romeo Giulia Wheels

4 Items