Porsche 911

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1970 Porsche 911 Classic Tyres

1970 Porsche 911 Classic

Porsche 911 Wheels

  • Borrani can make a set of RW 4268 Borrani Wheel 6.0"x15" that can be directly fitted to a Porsche 911T.
  • Borrani can also make the RW 4186 Borrani Wheels 6.0"x15" for use on the 1967-1973 Porsche 911T, however you would also need a transform kit to fit these wheels.
  • These wheels can only fit the 185/70R15 tires listed below.

Porsche 911 Tires

Porsche 911 Innertubes

Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Tyres

Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7

  • For early 911 cars that came with tube-type wheels and tires, innertubes should be fitted with the original wheels. The Michelin 15E innertube is recommended for both 165VR15 and 185/70VR15 VR15 tires. However, it should not be fitted in a 195/65R15 tire or in any tire lower than 70% profile.
  • The first Porsche 911 Carrera models fitted with super low profile radial tires (215/60VR15 CN36) came with innertubes, but it is not recommended. Porsche quickly moved to tubeless wheels with a safety hump and fitting tubeless tires, and tire manufacturers also stopped making tube-type 60-profile tires. 60% and 65% profile tires need to be fitted to tubeless wheels and run without innertubes.

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    RW 4186 Porsche 911

  1. RW 4268 Porsche 911

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