Michelin Collection

Michelin Collection

  • Michelin are currently one of the worlds leading tyre manufacturers.
  • Michelin have always been one of the worlds best tyre manufacturers.
  • Michelin have provide the world with some of the most innovative technical pneumatic tyre developments.
  • Michelin Collection is one of the most extensive ranges of collector car tyres.
  • Michelin Collection Tyres

    The Michelin collection range represents some of the ground braking technical advancements that Michelin have given the automotive world for over a century.

    Michelin Double Rivet Collection Tyres

    This famous early tread pattern was common place from 1928 through to the middle of the 1930s, on a vast range of cars from the fabulous type 35 Bugatti with a 450-19 tyre, to the proletariat Citroen C4 with its weird and wonderful 13X45 tyres on 45cm wheels where the rest of the world were still in inches.

    Super Confort Safety Stop S Michelin Collection tyre (or SCSS)

    Holding its own as a part of the Michelin Collection range the Super Confort Stop S in a1935 was the first tyre with sipes, enormously increasing the performance on wet tarmac. Importantly these are the only collection tyres made to fit a 40cm wheel with a crossply construction.

    Arguably one of the most important collection tyres. The Michelin X

    The first radial tyre. The Michelin X is such a land mark tyre, and was OE on so many collector cars, such as 2CV, Alfa Romeo 1900, Lancia Aurelia, and Ferrari 250 GT tdf. The phenomenal increase in longevity of tyre while at the same time dramatically increasing the grip and improving the directional stability. Never before, or since, has the world of automotive tyres taken such a dramatic leap forward, as when Michelin released the radial X on the world.

    The first Asymmetric radial tyre, the Michelin XAS

    In 1965, while Michelin were major share holders in Citroen they changed peoples expectations of how well a car could cruise at high speed by diminishing the wandering of the Citreon DS by developing the asymmetric XAS. A fantastic tyre for 1960s and 1970s collector cars.

    Michelin XWX capable of speeds of 170mph

    In the he 1970s the Michelin XWX became the tyre fitted to cars such as the Ferrari Daytona and the first Lamborghini Countach, because of its ability to withstand incredible speeds. The Michelin XWX will feature in many of the worlds most exotic car collections.

    Not so relevant to Borrani – Michelins super low profile TRX

    The TRX’s ability to offer such low profile tyres with the ability to absorb greater vibration and shocks needed a special rim profile, and lead to the need for specialist millimetric wheels. A TRX tyre can only fit a TRX wheel.

    Michelin Collector Car Tyres

    The Michelin Collection range has been a major contributor to the world of Collector cars consistently. Their commitment to making unusual tyres for proletariat collector cars like the early Ripple Bonnet Citroen 2CV with its weird 125SR400 Michelin X and the 125SR12 X for the Fiat 500 has been consistent. With out the Michelin Collection range of tyres how many of these cars would still be around?

    The Michelin Collection range also produces tyres like the 240/55VR415 TRX for the Ferrari 400, the 205VR14 Michelin XWX for the 275 GTB and the 185VR15 XVS for a 250 GT Lusso supplying an extensive range of high performance tyres to keep your exotic Ferrari Collection on the road.