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Dunlop Vintage Tyres

There is little doubt that Dunlop is a prime contributor to the Vintage car movement- for some considerable time there were vintage tyre sizes that were only made by Dunlop- I would suggest that: with the Vintage Sports Car Club; Dunlop are to be thanked for the amount, and importantly the variety of antique pre war cars that are on the road today- In the 1960's and 1970's Only Dunlop had the extensive range of vintage tyres that made tyres such as an 875X105 Dunlop Chevron that would fit a historic car like a rare Stanley Steam car or Dunlop would make a 700X21 Dunlop Fort F4 to fit a venerable 8 Litre Bentley or an old 1920's Voisin C12- Not only did Dunlop make these important vintage tyres, they were and still are excellent quality that make your vintage car handle the way it should-

Dunlop Classic Tyres

Innitially in the classic car movement post war British cars were still fitting crossply tyres which dunlop service with the Classic RS5 and C18- However from as early as the 40's cars were moving onto radiali tyres- In 1968 Dunlop became competertive in this market with the introduction of the SP Sport Aquajet where at last they could start to compete with the likes of Michelin and PIRELLI-